Santa Margarita Solutions Center

22362 Gilberto, Suite 130
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  92688    (949) 589-5700

Santa Margarita Solutions Center is offering help 
for a wide variety of challenges

If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help!
emotional stress or anxiety; 
child behavior problems; 
depression or moodiness; 
addictions, eating disorders
family conflict or tension;
 divorce or separation;
 grief, serious illness or chronic pain;
 and difficulty coping with changes in life.

Santa Margarita Solutions Center is a counseling center for adults, teens, children, groups, and families.  We aim to empower the people to grow through difficult situations and times, finding their own solutions through skills we have taught.  This is a group private practice with several psychologists and marriage and family therapists.   
Session fees are based on a sliding scale from $75.00 TO $150.00  
Cash pay, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Debit.   

                                      Call for a free consultation.



Call for An Appointment

(949) 589-5700

Julie Olson, PhD,   "Call me"



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Santa Margarita Solutions Center
is located at 
22362 Gilberto 
Suite 130
(towards the back of the building)
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


From central RSM-- 
go west on Santa Margarita Parkway.  
Go down to Empresa and make a u-turn to go to Tomas, and make a right, then right on Gilberto. 

Or, you can go to Empresa and turn left and then left on Aventura and left on Gilberto. 

From Mission Viejo
Go up Alicia to Santa Margarita Parkway and turn right.
go to Empresa and turn left and then left on Aventura and left on Gilberto

Look for the
SYCAMORE building
a 2-story, grey brick building. 

The parking lot is in the shape of an inverted "U".  The office is at the bottom of the "U", in the back, bottom floor. 
Suite 130

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