People don’t see results in their health because results the a mirror of what is on the outside. If we want to loose weight, become more flexible, or have more energy and we have set that as our goal but we are not reaching it, it’s because there is something wrong on the inside. Becoming Flexible… are all the fruits of what we do, but where do the fruits come from ,.. the roots. So if we want to change the fruits, we must first change the roots. And how do we do that.

Well we can start by becoming aware of how we think. Do a little exercise with me. Write down or think about feelings that come to your mind when you think of diet, nutrition and exercise. Perhaps thoughts like “this is going to be to hard” or “people will think I’m weird for eating like that” or ” I could never do that”. IF those thoughts are coming .. then these are signs that there is something wrong with the roots. So we need to learn to become aware of our negative thoughts about the our health goals. The first step is become aware of them. That will be the first step to change. And I will continue this more in the lessons to come. But for now when you have a non-supportive thought regarding your health goals, just stop and say to your mind “thank you for sharing”. And then let it be. Feel the feelings around those thoughts and carry on with your day. Don’t believe it and don’t fight it. Actually one of the most important things you can do is the following. Really listen to this as it will change your life.

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Don’t believe a word you say. Actually don’t believe a thought you think either. Our thoughts are made up of our past experiences and modeling that we received from those around us when we were young. Perhaps we were raised with unhealthy habits and we have now adapted those. So become aware of your thoughts but don’t believe them. They are neither right nor wrong , bad nor good. They just are. And so are you. So give yourself a little break.

To finish up I want to give you one more thing to chew on.. excuse the pun. If you are not growing you are dying. This is the same in the world of nature as it is in our mental, spiritual and physical world. So in our health, we should always be striving to grow. We are either growing or dying but it has to be one or the other. Do you know the three most dangerous words in the English language? What are they? I will tell you.. The three most dangerous words in the English language are . ” I KNOW THAT” . So many people think they know something cause they read it or someone told them, or they saw it on TV. In actuality, you don’t know something unless you’ve done it and are living in it. If you are healthy and have lost lots of weight then you can say that you know something.. but until you do .. you don’t. The only thing that is standing between you and your goals is that you don’t know something yet. So go out.. Grow.. learn… read, go to a seminar.. and your health will follow. The more you grow on the inside, the more your physical appearance will change. A great place to start is The Healthy Dancer Blog. This is full of free info and recipes that can help you with your health goals.